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PLEASE NOTE – Due to the overwhelming number of contributions we are having at the moment to THE POET, we are having to suspend any further submissions aside from submitting to our next anthology FRIENDS & FRIENDSHIP. Once we have cleared all our emails, we will put a call out once again for POEM OF THE DAY, POET OF THE WEEK, POET INTERVIEWS and POET PROFILES.

Our Anthologies

We produce some of the largest international anthologies on particular themes and topics ever published.


DEADLINE midnight (GMT) 30th June, 2021.

Publication July, 2021.

The subject of our next anthology is FRIENDS & FRIENDSHIP.

You can write about anything to do with friends and friendship; school friends, work friends, best friends, brief friendships, life-long friends, the friendship of somebody special or significant, soulmates, things you have done for your friends in the name of friendship, or what they have done for you, the meaning and value of your friends and their friendship, the support of your friends in challenging and difficult situations or circumstances… the sky is the limit with this topic.

You can dedicate your poem/s to someone special too!

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Submission guidelines for FRIENDS & FRIENDSHIP

You can submit up to SIX pieces per themed anthology (but please do not submit more than six). Any style aside from continuous prose. No word count for poetry, but keep in mind the length if you would like more than one or two considered, as we can’t devote too many pages to just one poet.

Along with your submission/s, please also send:

1). A writers’ biography, in the THIRD PERSON, of between 150 and 250 words, INCLUDING your country of origin AND the city and country in which you currently reside / OR the city and state if in the USA, (we don’t need your mailing address, but our focus is to showcase the diversity of international poets contributing to our collections).

2). Any contact and social media details you’d also like publishing e.g. website, Amazon author’s page, Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Blogs etc. (We will always add your email address for other editors/poets to connect with you – but please let us know if you don’t want this adding). For social media, please add your handle (for example.: FB @Robin.Barratt1), and not just your name – sometimes it takes us ages to find the poet’s social media page when they just give us their name!

➡️ Điểm qua bộ sưu tập những câu nói buồn về tình yêu mà bạn nên lưu lại cho ngày sau tại đây.

General Guidelines

Please try to send all contributions together in a word.doc or within the email. to: [email protected] with a copy to [email protected] (as sometimes emails go into spam folders and they can get missed).
So we can identify your submission, please mark the subject line the collection in which you are contributing to e.g. FRIENDS & FRIENDSHIP. We have hundreds of emails every week, and sending everything together in one email makes it much easier for us to look at specific contributions, rather than looking through different emails from the same contributor (which may then accidentality get overlooked).
We will, of course, check for typos and spelling (as we are based in the UK and to retain continuity, we change American spelling into English spelling), but please, as a poet, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure your poem is checked, proofed and ready for publishing. So ONLY send final, completed copy. ALSO, you cannot change, edit or withdraw your submission once deadline has passed.
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VERY IMPORTANT: Our readership and contributors range from age 11 to over 100, and from virtually every culture and country We respect everyone, so strictly nothing of an adult nature, and no swearing, profanities or obscenities of any kind, or disrespect to other countries or cultures. 
We at THE POET really do want your words to be read by as many people as possible, so therefore you retain FULL copyright on your work (by submitting, you are giving THE POET permission to publish or re-publish your work) and, unlike many other literary platforms and magazines, with THE POET you can re-publish your work elsewhere, and at anytime (and if you can kindly mention first published with THE POET, then great!). Also, we accept previously published material too, but ONLY with details of where and when it was previously published. Please add this to the end of the poem previously published.
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PLEASE NOTE: we are a not-for-profit and so we don’t pay for contributions, nor send paperback copies out to every anthology contributor –  with so many contributions from all over the world; for example in CHILDHOOD there are 152 poets featured in 33 countries and 22 US States, in ON THE ROAD over 120 poets in 28 countries, this would be almost impossible to do, and extremely expensive, and we simply couldn’t publish if we did. Instead we prefer to focus on promoting poetry and showcasing poets worldwide, and virtually all our poets so far (almost 1000) are more than happy to contribute under these terms. Please do not submit your work if you are unhappy with these terms. We do, however, give contributors a free PDF copy of every anthology they contribute to, the magazine etc.

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