POEM OF THE DAY – May, 2021

May 2021

Poems of the Day – MAY, 2021.

Sunday 2nd May, 2021.


By Carrie Vaccaro Nelkin (USA)

Maybe nothing.

A conceit,

a misshapen idea,

a lie for the dirty dishes

and the pain of paychecks.

A need

and justification

for the cry of I am.

Like everyone else’s.

A gift, is it?

An excuse to pine

and reach

and twist into God’s breath?

It’s important

to know.

A gift is a treasure,

whining pretentious.

Is it the split

on a hare’s lip,

the shaft in a feather,

the edge of a coin?

Nothing, and all?


➡️ Lô đề cờ bạc muôn đời thịnh có đúng với thực tế hiện tại? Dân đánh bạc có thể làm giàu hay sẽ mất sạch sành sanh?

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