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Lilac White

By Martyn Hesford

Independently published

ISBN: 979-8712925193

Poems of the mystical, the magical, and the sacred. These poems are rooted in this world, yet not of this world. Lilac White is the journey into the light, the dark, the fairytale, the psychological, the pagan, the Christ … there is forgiveness … there is love … all is a spell … dusted and sprinkled … enter a strange sparkle.

“They shimmer.” Melvyn Bragg. “I found them beautifully imagined … hugely rewarding.” Sir Derek Jacobi. “They are marvellous poems.” Gyles Brandreth. “You enter his world and are held by his spell” Adrian Noble (former Artistic Director, Chief Executive, Royal Shakespeare Company).

E: [email protected] / FB: @Martyn.Hesford

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Clerk of the Dead

By Alan Perry

Published by Main Street Rag Publishing Co

ISBN: 978-1599488004

Clerk of the Dead is an appreciative treatment of the boundaries and intersections of love and loss delivered in concise poetry. Its language is universal and relates to ordinary, imaginary and extraordinary words that describe how we feel at the moments when we are most observant and potentially, most vulnerable. Through its tenderness and acuity, the book respects and admires the entire range of emotions we have for those we know, those we love, and those we miss.

W: / E: [email protected]

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Grim Honey

By Jessica Barksdale

Published by Sheila-Na-Gig Editions

ISBN: 978-1735400211

In the poetry collection Grim Honey, Jessica Barksdale grapples and attempts reconciliation with time’s wounds. Through this sifting of hard memories, there are undercurrents of pure joy at being able to witness experience in all its blood and grit, the broken as well as the whole. It is this love of the world in all its gory realness that illuminates the apt title of the collection. This book reminds us that what is bitter is sweet.

W: / FB: @jessica.barksdale.inclan / Instagram: @jessicainclan / Twitter: @jessicainclan

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CLICK HERE to read a selection of poems from Grim Honey.

Loose Balloons

By Jill Clark

Published by Taylor and Seale, LLC.

ISBN: 978-1950613069

Loose Balloons is an award-winning, humorous children’s poetry book for ages 4-12. The young ones will enjoy seeing the illustrations as a loved one explains the stories and characters that go with the poems. This book is designed to catch the attention of those you want to grow up loving the written word, reluctant readers and children who are expanding their imaginations and vocabularies. The author Jill Clark presents Zoom and face-to-face lesson plans for K-8 that align with the book.

E: [email protected] / W: / Twitter: @jillclark2write

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Calling the Names

By Mark Saba

Published by David Robert Books

ISBN: 978-1625492296

In Calling the Names Mark Saba finds cues of the universal in anonymous encounters. He reconciles the “loose ends” of echoes from the past with the “painstakingly familiar”. During a five-hour train ride he prefers to read the lives that pass by on the other side of the window rather than a book. He finds himself in the balance between heaven and earth, the known and the unknown, in a book rich with the lyrical details of his observations about the human condition.

W: – contact Mark directly for a signed copy.

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CLICK HERE to read a selection of poems from Calling the Names.

The Narrow Doorway: My Extraordinary Life

By Sandy Phillips

Published by Local Legend

ISBN: 978-1907203985

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In a life that began during World War II, this world has changed beyond recognition. But for Sandy Phillips some things were constant – like the visitors from the spirit world with their unerring message that we are not alone and we never die! This is a story of the extraordinary life of a reluctant medium.

W: / E: [email protected]

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Remnants of our Life with your Dementia: A Poetic Memoir

By David R. Topper

Published by FriesenPress

ISBN: Hardcover: 9781525599200 / Paperback: 9781525599194 / Kindle: 9781525599217

“It’s a brave, wonderful book at heart,” Catherine Hunter, award-winning poet.

A poignant account of one man’s journey with his wife, into the all-encompassing realm of her dementia. David Topper’s poems about his wife’s path through dementia are governed by clear and sympathetic images. The onset of Alzheimer’s is conveyed by touching examples, and there is nobility in his devotion as the illness consumes a vital mind and body. Frequent comments by his clever wife, Sylvia, caution the poet against taking metaphorical flight. They suggest that she accepts her situation. The poems quietly illustrate the great and enduring joy that graced two lives joined for much of a lifetime. The balance of intimacy, irreverence, information and playfulness … is perfect!

W: / W:

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Accidental Poetess

By Kathy Sherban

Published by FriesenPress

ISBN: Hardcover: 9781039115590 / Paperback: 9781039115576 / Kindle: 9781039115583

Accidental Poetess covers topics from covid and politics to relationships and community. It is an urbane, intentional exploration between poetry & life as we know. It is entertaining, engaging and speaks to a diverse set of circumstances that are highly relatable to a broad spectrum of people, young or old. Accidental Poetess takes you for a walk down memory lane, provides insight and hope during the global pandemic crisis and raises awareness about the dire need for both emotional & spiritual wellness. The poems within are funny, riveting, reflective and sobering, a must read!

FB page: Kat’s Poetry Korner / FB Group: @kats_kradle / Instagram: @kat_s_kradle  / Twitter: @kathysherban

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The temperature of blue

By Mandy Macdonald

Published by Blue Salt Collective

ISBN: 9780955534799

A love of music, far-away places, and love itself is threaded through a journey in space and time in this small collection, stretching from Mandy Macdonald’s Australian childhood and student years, to north-east Scotland via England, with some side-trips to ancient Greece and Rome, modern Italy, Central America – and space.

The Ballad of Able Seacat Simon of HMS Amethyst

By Margaret Macdonald

Published by: Dunnydear

ISBN: 9781838202309

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This is an inspirational, true tale about Simon, who begins life as a lowly street cat, but ends it decorated with naval honours including the Dickin Medal, the highest British award for animal displays of bravery in battle. Told in rhyme, this illustrated book will delight readers of all ages.


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